Generate random nucleotide sequence.

Generate random amino acid sequence.

Calculate molecular weight of DNA, RNA or protein from sequence.

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Random Sequence Generator

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Additional formatting of the sequence

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DISCLAIMER: This free software comes without any warranty. The author of the software bears no responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from its use for any purpose.


Attempts to generate very long sequences (e.g. a million characters or longer, depending on user's computer performance) may cause web browser slowdown or even freezing. Significant time may be required to complete such tasks.



By default, the generated sequence contains no line breaks (it is one line text even though it is displayed as a justified block). To truly justify the sequence into a text block, regularly spaced line breaks must be inserted. This is done by the "Format Output" operation (if set to do so). The "Clean Sequence" operation will do just the opposite, i.e. remove all numbers, spaces, and line breaks to get a one-line sequence.