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Molecular Cloning

DNA Sequence Editor (WebDSV )

  • Create, edit and analyze DNA sequences.
  • Mark and visualize sequence features.
  • Perform in silico molecular cloning.
  • Design PCR primers.
  • Generate plasmid maps.
  • Save your work in files (fasta and GenBank formats).
  • No registration needed.
  • All processing runs locally, no data are sent over the internet.

Restriction Analyzer

  • Carry out in silico restriction analysis online.
  • Quickly find absent and unique sites.
  • Inspect all sites in a clearly arranged table.
  • Analyze restriction fragments.
  • Simulate a gel electrophoresis.

Restriction Comparator

  • Carry out parallel in silico restriction analysis online.
  • Compare two sequences side by side.
  • Find distinguishing restriction sites.
  • Visualize restriction patterns.

Silent Mutator

  • In silico silent mutagenesis online tool.
  • Introduce new restriction sites without changing the encoded amino acid sequence.
  • Supports all commercially available restriction enzymes.
  • Supports all genetic codes.
  • Unlimited sequence length.

Random Sequence Generator

  • Generate random DNA, RNA or protein sequences.
  • Based on the Mersenne Twister algorithm.
  • No unwanted repeats are generated even in very long sequences.
  • Can be used for DNA, RNA and protein molecular weight calculations.

Text and Data Tools

Target Text Extractor

  • Find and extract or remove target text patterns.
  • Extract gene symbols from complex annotations.
  • Extract text between words.
  • Extract words that begin with specific characters.
  • Online regular expression searching and match-extracting tool.

Multiple List Comparator

  • Compare data lists to find shared items.
  • Compare up to 36 lists.
  • Find intersections among large biological data sets.

List Operations

  • Perform set operations on data lists (union, intersection, subtraction).
  • Remove duplicate items.
  • Sort, reverse, or shuffle a list.

Table Operations

  • Remove rows and columns by numbers, patterns or content.
  • Rearrange tables by moving columns under each other.
  • Modify cell contents with prefixing or appending characters.
  • Easy transfer of data from and back into a spreadsheet software.

Two-table Operations

  • Extract or remove table rows with a selection list.
  • Extract table rows by reference columns match.
  • Align two tables.

Random Gene Set Generator

  • Generate random gene lists of defined length.
  • Challenge GSEA results with random gene sets to estimate true significance of enrichments found with real data.


DNA Calculator

  • Calculate basic chemical properties of a DNA or RNA molecule.
  • Calculate concentration from 260 nm absorbance.
  • Calculate molarity, mass or volume.
  • Calculate base-pair molarity of dsDNA solutions.

Chemical Calculator

  • Calculate molarity, mass or volume.
  • Calculate molarity from percentual concentration.
  • Calculate dilution of stock solutions.

Buffer Calculator

  • Perform all possible calculations based on Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.


  • Calculate RFC from RPM and vice versa.


  • Calculate numbers of combinations and permutations.

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