Calculate DNA concentration from absorbance

Calculate DNA concentration from A260

Calculate plasmid DNA concentration from a260 values

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Determine DNA concentration from absorbance

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Calculate DNA molecular weight

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DNA Calculator

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Molbiotools is a collection of free online apps:

DNA Sequence Tools
Text and Data Tools

Sequence input and settings

Open a sequence file (txt, fasta or GenBank format) or paste a sequence in the area bellow.

Set the nucleic acid parameters:

single strand
double strand
5' hydroxyl
5' phosphate
5' triphosphate

Calculated properties


GC content:

Molecular weight:

Molarity of 1 μg/μl solution:

Number of molecules in 1 μg:

Approx. 260 nm extinction coefficient:

A260 of 1 μg/μl solution after 100-fold dilution:

In the following boxes, always fill all but one field and click 'Calculate'. Don't use commas to separate thousands.


Absorbance and concentration

Nucleic acid:
260 nm absorbance:(in a 1 cm cuvette)
Dilution factor:
Original concentration: μg/μl
For the calculation use:
empirical rules
predicted extinction coefficient

Molarity, mass and volume


Base-pair molarity of dsDNA solutions

Mass (amount of dsDNA):μg
Concentration of base pairs:mM

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