Preparation of chemical solutions

Use the Chemical Calculator to calculate the mass, volume or concentration required to prepare a solution of a compound.

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Stock solution dilution calculator

Find the required volume of a stock solution to prepare a working solution. Calculate how to dilute a stock solution of known concentration.

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Chemical Calculator

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Enter molar mass: g/mol

(equivalent to molecular weight - M. W. or formula weight - F. W.)

In the following boxes, always fill all but one field and click 'Calculate'. Don't use commas to separate thousands.


Molarity, mass and volume

ForConcentration (molarity):

concentration, dissolveMass:

in the volume ofVolume: .


Percentage and molarity

Percent concentration (percentage): %

solution hasMolar concentration (molarity): concentration.


Dilution of a stock solution to a working concentration

Stock solution concentration:
Final volume:
To getFinal concentration: concentration, use
Volume of stock solution: of stock solution.

Dilution to a desired concentration

Initial concentration:
Initial volume:
To getFinal concentration: final concentration, add
Volume of solvent to add: of solvent.

Absorbance of a solution

Optical path: cm
Molar extinction coefficient: lmol-1cm-1

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